A conviction in Texas for Driving While Intoxicated can carry with it serious and long-term consequences. Most people charged with drunk driving have absolutely no experience with the criminal justice system. The prosecutors, however, spend a majority of their time handling DWI cases. If you are arrested for DWI, you need an experienced attorney to help you maneuver through this process and aggressively fight for you at every stage. You are facing more than just a conviction. You can lose your license and be forced to pay thousands of dollars in surcharges to the state. For more information on drunk driving defense in Texas, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Driver's License Suspensions

In addition to criminal charges, the Department of Public Safety will initiate proceedings to suspend your license after your arrest for DWI. It is essential to contact an attorney immediately after your release because you only have 15 days to request an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing. Todd Nickle will represent you throughout the ALR process and fight for your license to drive. In the event there is a suspension, he can prepare a petition for an occupational license that allows you to drive legally during the period of suspension.

Fighting Drunk Driving Charges

Todd Nickle provides aggressive representation for citizens charged with Driving While Intoxicated. In many cases, the decision to arrest is made solely on the officer's opinion after field sobriety tests. Cases involving breath or blood samples require even more legal expertise. You deserve a professional evaluation of the evidence against you as well as a knowledgeable assessment of the legal issues surrounding your case. Should you decide to force the government to prove their case to a jury, Todd Nickle has the trial experience to fight for your rights and battle for a not guilty verdict.

If you find yourself facing a charge of DWI, Intoxication Assault or Intoxication Manslaughter, contact Todd Nickle immediately for a free consultation.